Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Aidan Tail

Aidan's sideways tail in action. 

Typical BC tails curl up. His, whether by birth or by accident, is decidedly a righty. 

It is also amusing to me that his head blaze looks like nothing so much as a (rightly curled) BC tail, just on the wrong end.

First walk this afternoon and he did well. We just kept to the neighborhood streets at first, partly from the lump in my throat at the idea of taking an Evan route, and partly because he's under orders to stay quiet and take it easy. But at the end, I made myself get to one of my Evan sections, just to get through it. 

I also had to remind myself, he doesn't yet know going left would take him to the dog park, so there aren't going to be any longing looks when we turned up the other direction, like Evan always gave me on the rare occasion we weren't headed to play. 

I brought my clicker, but I realized really quickly what I am missing is a high-value treat to work on our heel commands. The little jerky treats that he was fine with at home held zero interest while out and about. He's so young, and been through so much this week, I also want to take it slowly. As it is, he leads me as gently as Evan when walking ahead, so we'll just roll with that for the coming week until he's rid of the collar and the itchy stichies and can concentrate. And I can find some really top dollar rewards to make it worth the work. 

What woman?! What do you want with me while I sit?

Evan's not here to teach him to look at the camera.


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