Saturday, April 8, 2017

the first week

The week without Evan did go on, despite my wishes. 

Bob & Bob Sr. as he hit the road back to Texas. He was kind enough to bring us Nell's washer and dryer, practically new, so we could swap out the old dying workhorses that were more than a decade old. 

Bru really considers whether his wanderlust is stronger than his aversion for snow

Sitting up in bed in the morning, I realized these two were just inches apart. That rarely happens. But it certainly gives you an appreciation for the two ends of the cat body spectrum, eh?


mornings were spent staring out the window at trails we should be on

Friday evening, our vet called to tell me Evan's ashes and pawprint had been delivered by Caring Pathways. I got there as fast as I could and had my own little ritual of placing him in the urn and in my necklace. 

The small space will have to be temporary until I can find a better corner. I've also got to find a better picture of Ian. He was so camera averse and there were no phone cameras to take a ton of pictures when he was with us. 


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