Monday, June 26, 2017

6/25/17 Our 10th Colorado Ren Fest

This marks our tenth June we've attended the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Then and now below.


10 years difference





The Pirate Ship isn't the same without this character around.


Me and my sign 

One day, Ren Faires will catch up to Ringling and retire their elephants. Soon, I hope.

on the other end of the spectrum, Nature's Educators takes in birds of prey who would die in the wild 
This little screech owl was hit by a car and is blind in one eye now. His name is Morpheus.

Penny, the Peregrine Falcon

Hades, the Vulture, shows off his wings


it was only 70° and the sun was still intense. We might come back in July, but only if there's a break in the soaring temps!

in 10 years, though, this is the best parking spot we've ever scored. 
You can see the gates from here!


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