Thursday, June 22, 2017

Post Solstice

Now that the tide has turned and this is the earliest time we have to get out to make sunrise, we managed to get up and out ahead of time today. Usually I hit snooze at least once, sometimes twice and have been missing the early morning color. I knew it was, literally, a matter of time, before it would swing back around. 

Aidan and bunnies on the walk are a perpetually amusing affair. Here's a few snippets of him spotting them, and them spotting him. And the inevitable stare down that ensues. I'm not sure if he things creeping along is going to give him some advantage, but if I let him, we'd be standing out there all day, not moving, just willing those bunnies to run TO us instead of away.

so close, and yet, so far

Meanwhile, overhead and such:

I like how the pano mode captures the blues so much better, closer to what I'm seeing than the standard view.


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