Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Christmas Roundup

Christmas Eve

(Sam had just said these were long enough to be booby pants.)

 Continuing the series, this year Sam drew me as classic Pooh and Piglet (her). Piglet has been tagging the walls at an unnamed but not liked high school, artistically in a Van Gogh stroked tree under the stars.

Now that Sam's both working and driving, she did all her own Christmas shopping

New hoodies for all

One of Sam's employee 50% discounts put to good use.

She also bought Bob caped Bazinga socks. Which he will wear.

 also from Sam, a new yoga mat, which I will always share with Evan

us, the dogs, and Ralphie on a quiet Christmas Eve

Cue Christmas Day at the Saltsmans

the dogs do not understand me having a ball and not throwing it

from Mom and Dad. I graduate with honors. 

Mom found Bob a pop-up book from, wait for it . . . The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Believe it or not, this is exactly what he asked for. 

And Sam's tastes ran a little more expensive: new digital art drawing tablet

Birds, and snowmen, and chocolate covered cherries for Mom

but for Dad... 

Mission Accomplished!

Let's eat.

(Note the giant jar of spiced apples strategically placed.)


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