Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Stanley Hotel at Christmas

Our company last weekend, John and John, were Floridians, one of whom had never even seen snow. So he was just in time for about the coldest weekend on Colorado record, um, ever.

We kept trying to impress on them that this is not normal Colorado winter. -17° at night is too damn cold for anyone! I still don't think they believed us. 

Last Saturday, despite more snow moving into the area, graying out the skies and clouding up any long mountain range views, I chauffeured us up to Estes Park in single digit weather and we checked out the Christmas decorations at the Stanley. 

Bear with me, as John installed Photoshop CS6 on my new computer and I'm a kid in a candy store with filters. I'm currently really interested in learning more about HDR (High Dynamic Range) before our trip in a few weeks to Disney World. So if any of these look a little wonky, it's because I'm still climbing a steep learning curve. 

really? Dunraven gets a stocking?! Must be coal contents.

(Sam hates elevators. A haunted one? Even better.)



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