Tuesday, December 17, 2013

summoning Christmas cheer

I'm not in the most Christmas-y mood these days. Between the compressed time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, and travel, and company, and curtailing most Christmas shopping in lieu of the Disney trip, and very cold weekends in between, its been late and little in the Christmas Cheer department around here. There's plenty going on in the background that isn't worth mentioning, too, but suffice to say, I wasn't feeling it. 

Yesterday, I stared at the half-dead pre-lit tree in my loft, giant chunks of it no longer lighting, and no ornaments. The plan was to wait until Nick got home (Saturday) and decorate together, but then the lights started going out. Literally and metaphorically. And everyone was busy. And here it sat. Sigh.

So last night, my family did their part to get me back on the Christmas track.

First, there was the baking, which I was half-heartedly pulling out the ingredients for, just because I refused to have a Christmas where there were no Snickerdoodles. 

And then Nick insisted on putting on the Bat cowl and doing it with me.

The Dark Knight is not exactly known for his jolliness, but Nick as the Dark Knight is pretty hysterical.

He snapchatted several hilarious clips, but of course I can't have them because they're snapchatted instead of recorded. You'll have to take my word for it, watching him talk in his Bat voice about finding the eggs (of Justice) and beating the batter and rolling out cookies, "This one's for Alfred. And this one's for Robin.  . .  And the Joker doesn't get any!!" got us all giggling.

A few pictures of Baking with the Batman for posterity have been saved.

Nick insisted Bob put on the '66 cowl to start, but that didn't last long.

Nick, however, was committed to making those cookies.

He's serious about his Cream of Tartar

Afterwards, we strung up lots of extra lights around the dying tree and pulled out all the ornaments and a whole lot of silly.

the parts of my heart that walk around outside my body

Got lights on the house this weekend, scaled back and simple, but still pretty (and blue!)

and even Katy says, "God bless us, everyone."


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