Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ALS Millions from Ice Buckets

In the past week, the Ice Bucket Challenge has swept through the ranks.

Bob was challenged

Sam got roped in by Jason.

The Southwestern Soccer team called out Nick ahead of Bob, who in turn got the entire football team on board and called out the President of Southwestern University, Dr. Edward Burger. as well as Dean Munt and the entire SU Cheer Team.

(you can just spot Nick behind Dr. Burger in the suit)

Drs. Burger and Munt accepted the challenge the following day:  

Of course, the backlash is inevitable. Lots of cynics decry the "look at me!" boast of the challenge and the fact that most people aren't donating as well as doing it. 

Except, and here's the really strange but fantastic part, it's working like gangbusters.

I'm kind of the mind that the cynics who suggest posting these challenges is stupid and self-aggrandizing take a look at what else gets posted on social media. It's ALL self-aggrandizement. At least this fun, harmless thing has somehow, rather inexplicably, actually worked to raise over $20 million and counting for a degenerative disease that has no cure because there isn't enough money to put into research. 


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