Monday, August 18, 2014

August Family/Photo Update

Not the greatest past two days here.

How does one manage to throw out one's back just stretching?

I spent all of yesterday prone on the heating pad hardly able to move my head any direction and knocking back Vicodin like candy. 

This morning, I was able to move again, although a bit stiff. But I had to take my computer in to work to try and get the blue screen of death problem solved.

After wiping the OS (goodbye Photoshop . . .  still weeping), which took FOUR HOURS at the office while I waited, the blue screen popped right back up on us, so I'd wasted the entire day and ended up taking the damn thing back to Best Buy where it will take THREE WEEKS to get back. 

It's not even a year old. But, hey, it's still under warranty, right? Ugh.

August cannot be over soon enough.

In the good news column, Nick is doing well in camp. They changed his number without asking, which was pretty crappy, but he managed to finagle #55, which was the first jersey he ever wore (Junior Seau). 



(the team helping freshman move into their dorms)

In Bob news, he just finished filming for a music video that has its big debut next month, complete with a Cast and Crew Q&A

And he spent part of Sunday at the hospital visiting with Malachi, who is fighting a spinal infection that's paralyzed his lower half and stuck him in the hospital on his birthday. 

And Sam started classes today and is really looking forward to the semester. Today was art history and drawing, tomorrow ceramics! But no pictures to share for her. The girl goes to Oregon for two weeks and doesn't take a single photo. On that front, I'm a failure. (Nick doesn't take any, either, but the SU Football photos suffice.)

The only thing I seem to have snapped was a cookie cake she'd already cut into on her return.

Oh, and some more weird art at DIA when I picked her up at midnight:

Friday evening photos of the new fire pit, margaritas, and nachos with Amber:

And there's always the sunrise, even in August.


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