Saturday, August 30, 2014

Four days of photos

Meh, I seem to have dried up on the blog. 

Last four days of phone photos as a stand-in,

Wednesday morning

Wednesday afternoon, Sam & I got a deal on these from a Garage Sale group and managed to get them loaded in and then upstairs on our own. 

Pike's Peak after a thunderstorm yesterday evening

Our companion that wandered past while Deanna and I waited on dinner


wandering around in the dark in Manitou

Boo came out of Deana's room this morning throwing around her bra trying to get treats. 

after he exhausted lingerie . . .

he started on outerwear

Backyard in the morning light

wandering about this morning:

While having lunch with Mom and Dad, this hummingbird joined us. I was surprised I could get her with my phone.


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