Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This morning's sunrises (so far)

This one really caught me off guard. 

The sun is not really up at this point . . . so how is there a rainbow in the sky? 
And why is it almost entirely red?

(The answer is here.)

And on the walk this morning, no rainbow, but still great color in the clouds.

What's most magical about this time of day is that there is no one else around. I am standing in the middle of this light show that happens for only a few minutes and that comes out of nowhere. Really, every morning, I look at the skies as Evan and I set out on our walk and think, nope, it won't happen today. And every time, if there are any clouds anywhere, there it is, just exploding and then disappearing. Anyone who gets out one minute later will never see it. 


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