Saturday, January 16, 2016

52 Hours in Austin

Denter International is definitely Broncos Country. All boards are blue and orange all weekend!

Heading out at soon after sunrise for Austin Thursday morning.

Marci picked me up at the airport and we stopped for a quick bite for lunch before returning to her house as both of us had to work the rest of the day. That night we hung out with the girls and Ren and watched T.V. and played games until bed. 

Friday morning dawned bright and beautiful

One thing I can't do at home in January is hang out on the deck and drink my coffee.
Hershey was happy for the company. 

The last time I was at Marci's house there were giant sheets of plastic over all of this as they ripped out walls and re-did the entire kitchen and dining area. Those windows didn't exist before.

We did some work and then headed over to the Briscoe Center library around 10:30 to view the 20 or so photographic entries I'd identified by picking through the handwritten ledger files. Of course, it's always impossible to quite know what they are "pulling" when you request your stuff. This time, it turned out to be 10 different file boxes. We could only look at one box at a time and then bring it back to the desk and get another. They weren't in any order. And inside each box were a dozen or more file folders, each containing anywhere from 10 to 20 envelopes. Inside each envelope was the particular ledger entry. But that could be 2 negatives or 50. We had the numbers to locate on the envelopes, but they weren't in exact order, many upside down, facing the wrong way. So it took us hours to get through all 10 boxes to find the envelopes, lay out each negative on the light table, and then decide whether any of them (and which) were going to be listed on our request of permissions to publish. 

The paydirt came in almost the very last box they gave us. It was the Fall 1966 box that had the week of opening I'd originally located. And the very first negative in that batch, laying on the top, waiting for me, was my Shoe Ship. I got lightheaded. We were allowed to take photos of the negatives on the light box with my phone, so I have many more for my personal collection that I could afford to request permissions on, but that photo and, in a different envelope, another shoe ship photo from a longer angle were definitely the treasure I'd been hunting for from the very beginning. 

All told, I listed 15 for permission to publish. I thought, like HPL, I'd need to pay for my order at that point. But since the Center has the holdings, but doesn't hold the copyright for them, the person in charge of checking with the estate should be calling me Monday to clear things. In the meantime, I started examining the permissions form and I have a few questions regarding the permissions versus the reproduction costs. The way the form is worded, it appears I might be able to save a lot of the fees because, as it turned out, the photos I took with my phone of those negatives? They turned out REALLY well. Pretty high resolution, very clear, nice and large. It's miraculous what the simple "invert" effect will do in Photoshop. If the Bailey estate clears the publication permission requests, and he confirms that if I don't want THEM (the Center) to make me a copy, I can just publish without the reproduction fee? Guess who will be going back very soon. 

We grabbed lunch and got back to Marci's house before 3:00 and I picked up work again. That evening, Ren and Mackenzie had jetted off to Colorado to ski for the weekend and Brittney was working, so Marci and I finished my run of Making a Murderer together on Netflix before turning in. 

So, after nearly 48 hours in Texas, I'd spent 16 hours sleeping, 5 hours working, 4 hours at the library, 2 hours at lunch, and all the rest just relaxing at Marci's house, on the couch or the deck. We decided the last 4 hours I had we'd actually go DO something Austin-y.

 First stop: lunch at the original Kerbey Lane Cafe

Frieda stared at me through the whole meal!

After lunch, we played around at the HOG

with Victoria


Austin skyline, never without a crane or two

okay, Marci didn't quite capture the height here, but I wasn't going any further out.

Our Austin skyline selfie

seriously, they had to bring a ladder to get up that high. Looks like the letter painter tried doing it upside down...

the hardy weeds around the place got painted too

and I found Tor...i?y? hard to say. Close enough. & The Adventurer's Club is from UP.

one thing that was a bit depressing. The place was LITTERED with crap. All the trashcans were overflowing. But right here, at the bottom right of the place, an almost empty dumpster. Really people? Walk 10 feet.

After that, we drove over to Mozart's Coffee at Oyster Landing near the dam and sat outside and had coffee/tea and dessert. And watched the weird little black "ducks" with red eyes run across the water at each other. (Meet the American Coot.)

We walked back to find these plates beside us, which amused me enough to take a photograph. That and I just love the new NM plate design.

I also picked up a few leaves from the ground that were gigantic and just now experiencing their "fall" colors

Marci dropped me at the airport 52 hours after she picked me up and then it was just a matter of waiting on my flight. 


I finished one coloring page going and another coming home. And I ran out of yarn! Used the whole skein and it's still not long enough for a scarf. Guess I'll have to find another of the same color to keep going. 

Also, side note, I have now become addicted to listening to podcasts while flying. They are perfect for that weird suspended space, less hard on the eyes than magazines, and very entertaining while I color and crochet. I got hooked this trip on NPR's Invisibilia. Great stuff! Give it a listen if you're traveling sometime. 


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