Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weekend Update

Nick's birthday got stretched out a bit. This year, though, he didn't have to leave to travel back to Texas. 

Mom and Dad came ahead of the snow days for a birthday lunch (at Thai Basil, thanks to Sam's input when her brother suggested Asian cuisine) and brought him his birthday gift.

Random kitty love photos interspersed with Nick birthday stuff on my phone...


Thursday night Ali flew in for Nick's birthday weekend. 
So Friday morning, we had more presents for late Christmas stuff

Sam drew Ali a Study in Corgis (her favorite)

Then last night, with Sam and Jason at the Avalanche game, we hit up NoNo's for dinner

Sam spent Friday afternoon making Nick his requested Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting (from scratch). 

So at lunch, before Sam had to get to the airport, we sang and blew out candles. 

and had a few more birthday presents

Mama and her birthday boy

This week, Sam taught me how to crochet. Here's our week's worth of practice before she left.

Saturday afternoon, Sam headed for Florida again. Two months, home for Spring Break, two months, out for summer!

Nick's birthday restaurant selection was Southern Hospitality, which pretty much serves exactly what you'd expect, right down to Chicken & Waffles. And BBQ.

And since it was next door . . .

And now, we are watching Return of the Jedi. We got through Star Wars and Empire earlier in the weekend, since Ali has never seen any of them, and we are going to see The Force Awakens tomorrow.

Party on!


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