Saturday, January 2, 2016

Katy Part I

This is literally all the work I have to show for more than 20 hours of editing. 

My first attempt fell apart with buggy errors. Mostly due to me using crappy free software. 

Part of the bugs were due, I suspect, to the length, so I started over again, reorganized everything into folders by year to try and keep some semblance of order, and got the above to finally publish. 

This is everything I can find of our Katy girl from her arrival day on September 3, 2001 until the last I could dig out of 2009, when she had been an only dog after Ian's passing in 2006. 

And, as it published, I got an email from Vimeo, to whom I turned when youtube wouldn't allow over 15 minutes without asking me to complete steps it would not allow me complete. 

But knowing how much time it's taken me to get the first half up, I'm hopeful the next week starts tomorrow or Monday and it won't matter.

Anyway, all of that to say...

Putting this together has been part of the ongoing grieving process for me. It's made me smile through tears over and over. I am sad that her first years are so sparsely photographed. The first years were still tied to film and we just didn't take a lot. The early digital cameras photos have been largely lost to external drives that died. I still have them. I just can't afford to pay a king's ransom to have them revived. Perhaps the tech will catch up and I'll find that treasure trove when all I will do is smile at them.

I have not tried to add any music. I've played a variety of things while watching this but 1) I can't settle on anything that fits the length and 2) I don't own the rights in the first place. So pick your own soundtrack to go along.

And I've discovered (post-upload)  I managed to import one video of her twice, so enjoy that. Sorry. I need to get some sleep, but it doesn't come very easily right now.

She was so black and so fast.

I'd forgotten until I pulled them out for this project.

In her first photo, she's in the recliner with Sam and I, barely peeking out. They'd told us at the shelter that they thought she was full grown. Surprise! Within a year you can see the lanky long adolescent body that runs without any pain.

When she got up to Colorado and experienced the snow, she took to it immediately. And I learned quickly getting her black self against that bright snow was going to continually be tricky to photograph. It was a fun challenge.

I haven't really edited any of the photos or video beyond what might have been done prior. (Like I had the time.) And there are outtakes probably never seen by anyone but me. But they are fun to see in sequence. And, at this point, every minute I can get of her, I want.

Because there aren't any more minutes to be had. And all those 7 and a half million minutes I had with her weren't enough.


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