Friday, June 13, 2014

6/13/14 Khaleesi in Action

This weekend with Sam working at the Ren Fest and Bob away at Denver ComicCon, it's me and the three. 

Khaleesi is getting much better about barking at Katy. We get through a couple of not so menacing barks before quieting now and Katy has taken just to ignoring the newcomer, which is exactly the way we want it. We have some exercises for mingling them, but it takes all three of us, one with each dog on a leash, so this weekend we're in a holding pattern, mostly peaceful, with Khali getting one on one time in the backyard and downstairs and me with Evan and Katy the rest of the time, behind the gate Khaleesi still does her slight protest barks after fun time is over. 

Here's a bit of fun time today

First, she decided her green fuzzy ball that she appropriated from Sam as her baby needed a bath, so she carefully placed it in the water bowl. She's a smart dog: round ball, round bowl. All good. 

(sorry for the fatal vertical angle -- too busy playing)


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