Saturday, June 7, 2014

6/6 & 6/7

Spending the weekend in an odd place, working on conditioning Khali is going well, but requires a lot of focus, treats, leashes, etc. The rest of the time we've split up, trading time with Katy + Evan and Khaleesi like a custody arrangement. Yesterday evening, on the deck with my two, I couldn't help but film them, doing the same thing I've filmed them doing for years, wondering how much longer Katy will be able to stay with us. 

Between the stress of dog juggling and plenty of behind the scenes stuff, I'd sat on the deck enjoying the sun setting and a few glasses of mead and let the tears flow while watching these two, so easy together, for four years now.

Today, we took a walk with Evan and Khali and they were perfect together.

It also turns out that Khaleesi is the first car-riding dog we've adopted. She loves riding in the car and wants to hop in every time we walk by it in the driveway.


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