Thursday, June 26, 2014

Baby Bunny Rescue

We met baby bunny here on Saturday, when Sam heard a "thunk" outside her basement window.

Apparently he'd been hopping along only to have the ground disappear under him as he fell into the basement window well. Since it's as deep as I am tall, that meant it was time for a rescue.

I climbed down and pick him up in work gloves. The tiny thing is smaller than my hand, and he just quivered there, looking up at me with those gigantic brown eyes.

Since I am 5'5, that left a few inches for me to lift him out of the well and set him on the ground, but I couldn't see him. Sam said he sat still for a few seconds, realized he was free, and zipped away along the house, through the fence slat, and into the big juniper bush on the other side.

A few hours later, as I was coming back from errands, there he was, sitting in the front yard, near the same bushes, munching on grass. Since then, he's been spotted there mornings and evenings all week long.

I guess getting rescued nearby translated into a new juniper bush home for him.

And I will admit there is currently a baby carrot in the yard very near the bush.


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