Sunday, June 28, 2015

2015 Colorado Ren Fest (but mostly Big Cats)



Talked Sam into a hobby horse ride:

 The Boys at the Pirate Shop


Celtic Legacy

 Great Cats World


This is Maki, the Fishing Cat. He's just a year old and rountinely climbs his handler's leg to get to the treat pouch. 


This is  Malachi the Snow Leopard, who is the shyest of the bunch, and who does not appreciate clapping. This is as far out as he wanted to get.



 Dexter,  the Black Leopard,  is 5 and loves applause. 

And this is Banshee, who is just a baby. She's only about 7 months old and she is teething and wants to wrestle. 





As you can tell, I could not get enough of her.

The Rocky Mountain Raptor birds were hanging out, but not too close to the Big Cats show


We finished the afternoon with Arsene, who pulled Jason into his act.







Nick and his pirate booty (the shirt and the stein, of course)

tip for all go-ers: bring your own shade!!


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