Friday, June 12, 2015

end of week 1 workouts

So, all-in-all, a pretty quiet week. 

Between resting the hurt foot (still hurting, dangit) and completing the first full week of gym workouts with Nick at night, and work . . . that leaves animals. 

Last night as we came back from the gym, Katy was sound asleep (and deaf, so she stays asleep until we get close enough for her to feel the vibrations in the floor) and Fisher was half asleep and they were as close as they will ever get to one another.

Got upstairs for my third round of icing for the day, and Faith cuddled up on the heating pad (which I have to use pre-workout with stretching) next to me. I caught her posing as batcat thanks to the shadows.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bed, Bruiser and Evan waited patiently for the nightly handing out of treats.

 Other than that, had the windshield guy out this morning to replace my cracked windshield and when I went to turn the car around so it was facing outward for him to work, I discovered my battery was completely dead. And I discovered that when my battery is completely dead, you can't even put the car in neutral to push it anywhere. You also cannot lock or unlock anything, so I guess I am lucky that I could even get into it at all. He managed to work around the small space in the garage, although he had to put it in by hand instead of the big arm-machine thingy, but he did it. He was giving me the spiel at the end and kept remembering that none of it was relevant: "don't drive it for at least an hour. Oh, right."  "Don't run it through any car washes for the next few days. Oh, right." I think the windshield will be good and sealed by the time I manage to get it running again. 

I did discover (and order) this handy dandy little gadget, one for my car and one to send with Sam to Florida, that will allow you a jump without needing another vehicle (or 20 foot long cables to reach another vehicle). Too bad I, or the windshield guy, didn't have one today.

And finally, in the "perhaps that's a little too clever" column, I had both of my kids holding my phone at some point looking at the screen this week, and, when I asked them, "Do you see what I did there?" I only got back, "No. What?"

Maybe it's easier if I only screenshot the top half?


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