Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Coyote Crossing

The video above was all I got of our very close encounter with a pair of coyotes, as I wasn't aware I'd hit the button once I realized we were actually in between a pair when we stepped on the trail this morning. 

I'd seen the one to the left as we approached and was a bit wary, since he stopped and just stared at us rather than running off into the grass. It was a few seconds later that I realized there was his mate on my right, which is the one you see above. Neither were moving and Evan's excited jumpting about meant I wasn't about to start waving my arms or shouting at them, so I turned us back only to discover they were approaching, rather than moving farther away. 

A neighbor whose backyard faces the trail had seen them and come out and threw some rocks from his yard (there was nothing on the trail to use) that scattered the one blocking our ability to move away and we took the long way around to the dog park. I kept checking behind us, and the pair just watched but didn't chase us. 

Around the corner, there was another one, crossing the street and running towards us, but on the opposite side. And when we managed to get over to the dog park, the pair (or another pair, hard to say) were trotting along the hill right nearby. Busy morning!

There are dozens of rabbits along our walk, so I'm sure that doesn't help dissuade the coyotes from hanging out, either.


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