Saturday, June 20, 2015

24 Hours in Idaho Springs

Got a chance to spend some one-on-one time with my bestie at her Colorado place for an early birthday gift. (She gets to be older than me for one month and three days starting this Thursday.)

On the way, Friday afternoon: 

The poppies up and down her street:


And the rest of her garden was full of color, too. 

From her front porch, we could watch the rafters getting ready to float. Thanks to the flooding and the very high water, the rafting companies are setting off from the park across from her house instead of further upstream. 

For dinner, the birthday girl chose Beau Jo's. We walked downtown and sat out on the patio enjoying the waterfall view.


After dinner, we took Hershey (Marci's dog) for a long walk. Pretty sure we covered about four miles going down the creek by the old mine and then over toward the end of the town and back again. 

After all that, we sat on her porch and shared the bottle of mead I'd brought and talked the sun down. 


The next morning, I found the coffee maker stowed away (she keeps it for extended family who comes in) and Hershey and Pumpkin and I hung out for a bit before Marci got up. 


We walked down to Marion's of the Rockies for breakfast, Marci with Pecan pancakes and mimosa, and me with blueberry pancakes and coffee


Marion's has an . . . eclectic is the kindest word . . . selection of art on the walls. From my view, there was Van Gogh on the left, and I big I "Heart" Bacon poster on the right.

And on our walk back, by the creek, here came the first of many, many rafters of the day

Back by Marci's place to drop off the mail, and then walked downtown to spend several hours exploring and roaming the antique shops. 

nice cold water to dunk my feet in, but it was really raging. I can see why we've had so many people (and cars!) swept off into the rivers this past week. 

I loved the tin tiled sky light here, but I didn't manage to get a good angle on it.

This was the spot where I found my little sterling silver Victorian pin in a case that I had to have. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it and it's detailing is marvelous.

As I headed out, there were still rafters loading up for another run at the white water. It's clearly summertime in Idaho Springs!

Got snarled in some terrible traffic at Evergreen all the way down to C-470, about an hour's delay all told.  I was able to warn Marci, who was leaving a bit after me to drive the same route to get to the airport to pick up Ren and Mackenzie, so she could take an alternate route. You know you've been sitting for a long time when cars around you start doing Chinese fire drills and other car passengers are popping up out of sunroofs to applaud them.

Four lanes had to get into just one in order to get around what must have been a really spectacular roll-over. The big white truck was flipped and crushed and upside down across two lanes and the smaller red car didn't look like much of the engine was left, crushed up to the dashboard.

After seeing the carnage of the cars, I was grateful my only problem the entire 24 hours was one delay.


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