Sunday, July 26, 2015

Birthday Weekend continues

this is on the garage lock of our condo.
It's a sign . . .  I'm just not sure of what :)

Heading for Glenwood

Perfect day at Glenwood Springs Hotsprings

I think I made everyone there incredibly nervous carry my waterproof phone around. 
(A lady in the changing room told me this.)

this is what surrounds the gigantic hot springs -- hot baked minerals from the water


After lunch we walked over and checked out the Hotel Colorado in the summer, versus the frozen November:

so there were frozen Koi in there 8 months ago...


the pigeons are checking in



On the way back, I had to take some photos of this house. Love!

Safeway silliness on the way back for a nap.


We pulled over at the "overlook" which, brilliantly, is set up right on the other side of the power lines from the valley. Grr.


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