Friday, July 31, 2015

Blue Moon 2015

Flashback to the last one. 

Better luck in 2015.

Can you tell your moon rising from your moon setting?

Crater Copernicus, the bright white spot near center at 9:00 on the moon above when rising

appears on the 3:00 side as it sets. But it's not moving . . . we are.

For perspective . . .

Here's without the zoom on the Canon

And here's the best the phone can do 

(last night)

this morning:

So we carry the zoom.

Another lovely discovery is that, even on walks, I should always carry my reading glasses. I can no longer trust my squinting to get the focus right.

Coyote interlude

This morning as I set foot out on the back deck to get a read on how much time we had before moonset behind the mountains (which isn't the same as the moonset readings on your apps) I hear a very low, insistent hooting. In the back tree, rising against the dark blue of the sky at 5:00 in the morning, was a gorgeous owl, in silhouette. No camera in hand at that point, but he was a sight to behold. 

So when this young coyote came across our path, I was ready. 

We now return you to the moon:


the reason good time lapse sequences need a tripod:

Post-moon, here come a small formation of Canadian geese at the sun rise. 

The hawk must not've gotten the memo that today was fly by Tori day. I kept waiting for him, after the owl, coyote, and geese all showed up, but he was a no show. 


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