Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Morning

So my day starts around 5:00, which means most mornings I am exceptionally quiet and refrain from talking to Evan above a whisper until we've reached the open space and there's a least a modicum of distance between my voice and the hundreds of open windows where, on the other side, most people are still sleeping.  

This morning, however, some of the lighter sleepers along the way may have been disturbed by my, "Again?!" uttered without thought as I realized that just steps behind us was trotting the same coyote that popped out from between houses on Friday and tried to follow us. 

This morning, we were actually doing a quick jog to get to the hill where the morning color was appearing, which may have accounted for  my lack of oxygen to remember all the sleepers.

And right between the same two houses, she must've decided to jog along. I heard her before I glanced over my shoulder and saw her, at which point my voice startled her to a stop as we were crossing the street.

I snapped this blurry photo of her looking as us crossing. If she's got a den of cubs in someone's bushes here, the cats along this street may be in trouble. They don't move as fast as the bunnies and are probably a better meal.

That subaru behind the truck on the left is where she's appeared from a yard both times now.

We made sure she wasn't following us any further (more evidence she's protecting something back there) and stopped on the hill for the color we were jogging towards before her surprise appearance.

At the dog park with the west turning purple, I realized my picture would have a bird in it. As I put the phone in my pocket and watched it come closer, I thought, "that's an enormous black bird, even for Colorado standards." (It's a crane.) Never seen one in the Colorado skies around here before!


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