Friday, July 24, 2015

Boulder Tour on Banjo Billy's Bus

Kicked off the birthday weekend festivities with Amber today in Boulder. 

We ate on the rooftop deck of the Rio Grande before our Banjo Billy Bus Tour. Seriously good nachos and salsa.


As we were walking to the Hotel Boulderado where the bus tour starts, I was saying, "You know the only time I've walked around Boulder is the evening of the Richard Marx concert. I have a feeling it was nearby. Look to the right...

Look to the left . . . the Hotel Boulderado, built in 1909


Amber gave me a Sock Snoopy for my birthday!

The bus pulled up right on time. It's definitely a Boulder original.
The intention was to make it look like a log cabin, but the logs were way too heavy so they switched to the shack instead. Boulderites wave to you all along the tour.

please note the rubber chicken

and the Cadillac fuel door


A few of the famous homes we passed. The first is the Arnett-Fullen house.


The Harbeck-Bergheim House, now a history museum. 

We drove up near the Flatirons at Chautauqua Park and had a really nice view out over the city.

Chautauqua Auditorium, since 1898, has a fascinating alliance with Texas educators. 

And we drove around the University of Colorado campus, which is just gorgeous.


 Fun fact: all the Banjo Billy bus drivers have at least a Master's Degree. Glenn, our guide, was a professor of economics at Front Range Community College before changing careers. Little did he know he had two more ex-CC teachers on board today!

Some other highlights/stories from the tour here, just without photos.


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