Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday and August Starts

Not sure why this week's upcoming road trip feels so important, but I caught myself on my morning walk going over, for the thousandth time, the route and the stops and the checklist of details to go over in the next three days before it begins. 

Sam is packing and drawing her room out on paper to "place" the things she's taking: fridge, lamp, TV, fan, a particular stuffed animal.  .  .

I'm mostly packed with just last minute groceries, toiletries, and a Wed. small load of laundry to do.

We both seem to want to speed it up and get going and slow it down, because for the first time, she'll be really gone. And not just for a month in the summer. 

Anyway, that's the preoccupation, but I'm trying to stay in the moment and be here now, for the first Monday in August, where the windows can stay open all day thanks to the rain clouds, and everyone, for three more days, is home, in their own beds, with the house full.

 (My Jabba the Hut cloud formation on the way back home. Or maybe Voldemort.)

The split personality of Colorado in August: loads of newly blossomed sunflowers everywhere and the earliest trees turning red for fall. 

Also passed a big milestone for the South Belt blog some time around lunch today: 100K views!


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