Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Road to Florida: Day 2

Set out from Dumas at 7:00 a.m. . . . will arrive in Arkansas at 7:00 p.m.
Pop filled us up from the half tank we were down from the drive yesterday before we set out.

Breakfast at the Amarillo Whataburger

and then a stop at East Amarillo's answer to uppity West Amarillo's famous Cadillac Ranch:


And another at the leaning tower of Britten U.S.A.
(the guy built it on a bet.)

And the restored Phillips 66 Station in McLean

Pretty much the rest of the road across the Panhandle looked a lot like this:

During Sam's turn at driving, I was reading off the Roadside Attractions list that there was a giant Sonic Cup at Exit 166. When I glanced up again, we were at Exit 167! What? We turned around only to discover there is no Exit 166 in Texas. We have to cross the border into Oklahoma and go 166 miles on I-40 to THEIR exit to find it. Ooops.

We stopped in Oklahoma City for an OK Whataburger lunch (no Don't Mess with Texas bags here) and filled up again. Looks like we're getting about 6 hours of highway driving on half the tank. We've got about 6 more hours to go.

THERE'S the giant Sonic Cup!

We pulled into the main street of Antlers, OK, the small town I spent two weeks every summer in, to say hello to Uncle Bob, Aunt Linda, and my cousin Shan at their furniture store.

And then took the back road from Antlers to Dequeen. 

On the giant Interstate 40 Highway, the main artery through Oklahoma, there was NO STATE LINE SIGN. What?? (Texas had one going the other way.)

But here, on this little two lane highway?


We had the visors down low in the morning against the rising sun, and found ourselves needing them again at the end of the day on the long dirt road to Jennifer's farm. 

I had a ton of work and a glitchy internet connection. We were pretty much DONE with the car at that point and holed up in our room to work and collapse. Jenni had a group over for dinner, so we were terribly anti-social, but everyone was very nice and we did emerge to eat, briefly.

Sunset over Jenni's pond, taken from our window

 Lights out by 11:00 with most of the work done and managed to sleep in until 8:30 when the smell of coffee woke me.

to be continued...


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