Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Road Trip to Florida: Day 6

Tuesday morning, Larry had cheddar omelettes, homemade biscuit, and sausage for his only two guests at this lavish table. We ate and ran. Time to endure the last push.

We filled up and crossed into MS, which is the last state line sign we stopped for. Alabama had no welcome sign and Florida, we just didn't care. Really, really long boring drive.

Stopped in MS at a rest stop (fancy)

And this guy was waiting for us when we emerged.

We get into Alabama and the only roadside attraction of any importance is coming up. 

Per the Googles, we take the Bayou La Batre exit (Bubba!!) and proceed into what Sam and I will forever call the Great Chicken Fiasco. 

And that's all you're getting. We agreed never to speak of it again. 

We found them. Because we were going to die in the Alabama wilderness before I gave it up. But mistakes were made.

All for two giant chickens and an El Camino. 

Out of AL, into FL and lunch at WB.

Biggest damn WB I've ever been in. 
In NW Florida?

It rained. 

Then it didn't.

There were two lanes with a big green space in between the other two lanes.

Sometimes there were three lanes.

Lots of times there were troopers on the road.

And trucks.

Many, many trucks.

And miles.


Left NOLA at 8:30. 

Here's us on the road, on E again, at 8:30 that night.

we're heeeeeere.

John and John had two rooms ready, a rotisserie chicken for us to scarf down, and wifi so I could, after 12 hours on the road, work for two hours before collapsing. 

I hate that drive.

But it's over. 

Tomorrow, move-in and goodbye day.


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