Sunday, August 2, 2015

8/2/15 Upstairs Circus & Union Station with Marci

So for Marci's last weekend in Colorado, we hit up the Upstairs Circus for some arts and 
crafts time.

I did jewlry the last time, so this time around, I came in with an idea for string art that was a bit ambitious for the amount of time we had. 


Marci decided on a wristlet to carry her phone and wallet stuff, while I got busy on screwing together distressed wood, drawing an outline for the nails, and painting the background. 

So many nails. So much string.

I left Marci a note on the chalk wall to find later.

By the time our session was over, I was about halfway done and my fingers were both numb and throbbing, so it was time to go. I came home with yards and yards of string to finish it off, so I can do it in smaller increments and avoid the hand fatigue.

The front of Upstairs Circus is one block down from the year-old refurbished Union Station.

The building in which Upstairs Circus is housed still sports the giant painted advertisement of the M.J. O'Fallon Supply Co. both on its side and on all of its front pillars.

While I was stringing away, Marci found that there was a Hopdoddy's just next to Union, so we popped in there for dinner.


And then we wandered through Union Station on our way back to the car. It's still a hub for Amtrak, Greyhound, as well as the coming-soon Denver Light Rail Station line out to the airport. It's now also home to an upscale hotel, lots of eateries, and shops. 


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