Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Decor

Snapped a few photos of the decorations before the rains moved in. Won't be long before there are 10x more leaves on the ground in the yard.


 Inside is our little group of Halloween memories through the years: the first thing we ever bought in 1991, little ghost Ziggy, the dancing Frankenstein the kids thought was hilarious when they were babies, the Scooby Vampire back when that was their thing and the Warner Brothers Store was still in business, Fluffy the 3 Headed Dog from Harry Potter, after which time the kids got older and weren't "into" Halloween themed stuff. New this year, the Poison Apple Stein from our trip to the Magic Kingdom at the start of the month. 

& my very earnest Pumpkin Patch.

 Speaking of the Halloween trip, the Disney Photobook arrived yesterday!

Imagine my excitement flipping through each of the pages I'd designed

The front cover:

pages themed from the memory bank of Inside Out

and UP

and Wall-E

and Brave

and lots of our Photopass pictures

including . . . 


I went back online to make certain I hadn't inadvertently pushed something that rotated the photo sideways, even though I knew I'd meticulously  reviewed the layout of all 20 pages.

And online? Right side up.

So it's getting packed up and sent back tomorrow. Sigh.


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