Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Update . . . on Monday

rain clouds and turning leaves from my bedroom window

backyard pups among the crunchy leaves

Just in time for Halloween, during the game Saturday, on the first play, Nick got clobbered by two players and we didn't see him back in the game for most of the first quarter. Nothing worse than sitting 1000 miles away helpless to even know what might be going on. Turns out the busted chin reopened with a vengeance and sent him to the trainer's room for stitches in the bottom of his chin. Then, later on in the game, the top came busting open and he ended up with half a dozen staples in place. Get the boy some green hair spray and a couple of neck bolts!

Sam spent the weekend finishing up her next 2pt. perspective assignment and fleshing out a short story for her Storytelling Class which I'm proud to say I helped her brainstorm as well as edit. It's coming along as a nice little Victorian horror story.  
Sam blogs more thoroughly about this piece here.

Went to Hallmark yesterday afternoon and picked out a few ornaments, although the kids still have to do their own choices. Vader in his AT-AT Christmas sweater with half a dozen Christmas sayings came home. Our first Vader ornament, in 1997, has long since ceased speaking and, even when he did, it wasn't this fun. "O Christmas Tree" is a winner.

I'm completely over daylight savings time at this point. I like to get up early and out for the dawn. Now, it's not until almost 7:30. 

my nice out of focus sky photo this morning at 7:00 in the near dark.

if you strain, you can make out the snow covered peak in the back. This past weekend's storms brought what is likely to be the perpetual white blanket on the Rocky Mountains until sometime in late May or June. 

After a short nap this afternoon, I glanced over the side of the bed to see my constant companion quite happy I've brought out the blankets. And post-nap, I got to open my new Harney & Sons tin and make a cup of Cinnamon Sunset. Just the smell when that tin is opened is heavenly. And the little silken sachets! Bliss in a cup. 

And now? another constant companion has joined me in my chair to watch the evening start to creep in.

Lots of doings on the horizon:

next weekend: Bob and Jason fly to meet Sam in Tampa for our friends' wedding. My last pretty quiet weekend, except for Halloween party
next weekend after: Rocky Mountain Con
next weekend after: fly to Austin for Nick's Senior Game
next weekend after: Christmas decorations
next weekend after: driving home from Thanksgiving
next weekend after: Courtney visits/weekend in Breckenridge
next weekend after: pack for Disney World
next weekend after: be at Disney World!
next weekend after: Christmas
next weekend after: 2016

Just like that, 2015 will be gone.


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