Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday News

78° and 12% humidity means it still doesn't feel like Fall yet, but with the surprise early delivery of the new HONY book and a light work day (very unusual for a Tuesday) it was a lovely afternoon to sit and contemplate the turning colors of the leaves, the perpetually scruffy lawn, and how my two dogs never fail to make me instantly happy just by their presence.

I've been fighting off a cold since late Sunday but the warmth and the really good cold meds combined to make me feel better than I have in days.

Of course, looking at this doesn't hurt either...

Been texting the afternoon with Sammi who was bummed to learn she is not eligible to move off campus next semester but then surprised and excited to find out they had an opening in an upper-classmen dorm with a single roommate (who seems to be very nice) with a private bath and her own closet. She's already packing up to move!

Nick has the unusual days off from practice thanks to the team's bye-week colliding with the campus' Fall Break (through tomorrow) so I've actually seen him, albeit briefly, on Facebook. Miracles never cease.

Also found out this afternoon that I will have the corporate condo at Breckenridge one weekend in December that, on a whim, I happened to ask about. Got a visitor coming in and now we have a place to stay in the mountains for a few nights!


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