Monday, October 12, 2015

Seeing Nick

Friday we drove down to Dumas and Saturday we made the hour north into the tiny little sliver of the Oklahoma panhandle to see Nick play. 

Here's pretty much the entire drive once you leave Raton and until you get back:

(note the standard windmill for perspective)

(From the Southwestern page yesterday)

Nick got to see a good bit of playing time, but his best moments are typically when he's wrapped up in the middle of a pile or dragging someone to the ground, so I'm usually watching for his Batman cleats to distinguish him when I can't find #55 in view. 

OPSU is a Division 2 Team, so they are considerably larger and harder to take down. 


His chin was split open in the last game and started to pop back open during this game, so he got to sport some chin tape to keep it from bleeding too much. That stuck around for a couple of quarters before he tossed it. 

looking like a coach in training 


After the game, we got to spend about 20 minutes with him before they had to load up on the bus and make the 10 hour drive back to Georgetown.  



We're flying in to Austin for the final game of his playing career next month, on Nov. 14. As the only senior on the team and the first graduating football player since 1951, we're pretty proud.


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