Friday, August 5, 2016

A Week Post-Floors

Everyone seems to be settling in to the new upstairs pretty well after a week of unboxing and hauling everything back upstairs that had been packed away into the garage. 

Before I finished Bruiser was already trying to claim certain spaces as his own.

Including eyeing Evan's "new" bed, which is really just a new cover. He loved the memory foam mattress pad that Bob Sr. and Nell insisted he take home with him after our visit in late March, but it wasn't much to look at. So I found a microsuede washable cover that made it much nicer. The interior lining is also waterproof, so the foam should stay nice and clean!

A little less welcomed, at least at first, is the roomba, whom I have christened MO. Here's the original M-O (stands for Microbe-Obliterator)

Here's my MO. I still need to teach him how to say "foreign contaminant" for me, but other than that, he is pretty smart. That small black box is telling him not to cross the that line which keeps him safely upstairs!

Bruiser, once I took up his original spot with my stuff, decided front and center was the way to go. 

this really doesn't work well when he decides to get up, as he's big enough to completely block my captions!

have to work on getting the cord situation under control in my new office, but it's coming along. The electrician will be here a week from today to drop an overhead light/ceiling fan into the room as well as re-do the kitchen lights to finally get rid of my hated fluorescents. Yay!

So "Office" isn't quite the right label for this room, really. 

Evan, attempting to be one of the throw pillows, and Bruiser impatiently awaiting nightly treats. We had to put down small rugs on either side so Evan could get up and down. No traction otherwise!

The guest room that still has a corner or two of Sam in it.

Oh, and yesterday morning's skies, which blessed us with temps in the 70s all day yesterday and today! 

We're STILL waiting on the carpet install scheduling, ten days after we went in to "fix" the issue with re-doing the stairs. But I am down to removing the last of the painters tape and sealing the newly painted banister in anticipation of it.  Just imagine "Dark Shadow" carpet here for now . . .

the before:

I have two rugs due to be arriving next week to finish out the upstairs floor. The one that will go at the top of the stairs is a mid-century modern in yellow, white and gray. The one in the loft is a mid- century atomic pattern. That'll have to wait until next week's house makeover post.

One of our last items will be to take the credit we received on the stair work change and put it into a new front door:

That should happen in the next month. Since this summer expenditures are really the first big investment in the house after being here 9 years (except for the addition of the deck in 2008 . . .  which I will power wash and restain this month) it's pretty exciting!

well, at least for some of us . . .


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