Friday, August 12, 2016

Kid Stuff

Ali texted me this one on his way out the door on Picture Day for the coaches. 
Hopefully any day now his photo will be added to his Coach Page!

But it was a couple days later that he got me all choked up on Instagram.

This week, caught sight of him through the SU Football posting of the team photo. The first one that showed up was an outtake. He's 4th from left in the yellow.

but in the later official one, he ended up 3rd from left instead.

Yesterday was the first day of practice, so really his first day of coaching his running backs. SU posted a "Day 1" video and I managed to catch sight of him at the :19 and the :28 mark!

all 30 seconds are here

He called on his way home last night and was exhausted but excited that the first day went really well. It's lovely to hear the happiness in his voice.

Meanwhile . . .  in Florida

move in day

followed by trips to the beach in Sarasota

and a short trip to Orlando this week to put their Annual Passes to work


Sam has taught Jason to hang on to his hat. Just not where all the cameras are placed.

they rode Everest twice, once during the day and then again at night when Bill and Julie joined them

Yesterday, she hit up the Goodwill and now has an official Sam Throne.

classes start next week. 

And SU football debuts Saturday, Sept. 3!


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