Monday, August 29, 2016

week in review

I seem to be in a miniaml blogging mode this month, but, to be honest, August is my least favorite month of the year. Sometimes you just gotta get through it. 

So the fact that our 25th anniversary was Wed. and the only photos I managed to take were of the amazing macarons? Mea culpa.

But the macarons were amazing. This little shop started up in the spring right here in our neighborhood and I kept hearing and reading these rave reviews, many from people who were French or had lived in France for a good period of time, saying it was incredible that someone had managed a true French macaron in high altitude. These little French pasties are incredibly delicate, almost a perfect meringue texture to the very light cookie, with sweet filling inside.

The little shop is called Honey B's Macarons, and the owner/baker's husband is a beekeeper in Castle Pines (one neighborhood over) that supplies the honey used in their signature Honey Macaron. But they make 12 flavors daily year-round and swap out another 8 daily-made flavors each week. Every one is made without any artificial flavors, fillers, or sweeteners and it is soooo hard to narrow down your choices when buying! In addition to the standard 12, Wednesday they also had apple pie, chai, chochuète (it's a chocolate and peanut butter blend), s'more, strawberry jam, raspberry and cream, and fig and goat cheese.

You can buy them individually, or in a honey comb sleeve of 6 or 12. We each picked 3 for our anniversary treat. Bob's from left are honey, apple pie, and blueberry. Mine are salted caramel, lemon, and coconut.  This is the kind of sweet that makes your eyes roll back in your head. Mmmm. Good thing they're expensive enough to keep it in the "special" event category. 

So between a meal out and macarons in, the only other big anniversary-day event was getting the holes in the kitchen ceiling covered up. I ordered some tin-tile (faux) that's a copper-patina sunflower pattern and I love the way it turned out!

Thursday I visited Mom and Dad in Colorado Springs for lunch and the long awaited Farmer's Market tomatoes, but, alas, again, no photos. 

Um . . . yeah, I did manage to take a photo of my egg carton though! It is a very pretty carton.

Yesterday afternoon Amber and I decided to drive over and check out the pop-up shop for ModCloth, an online site we both shop from and love. They are doing an "IRL" thing this year where they open a shop for about a month in cities for people to come in a try on and check them out. I suggested, since it was down in the Cherry Creek district, we grab lunch at the Cherry Cricket and then locate the shop. 

Turns out the above sign was in sight of the below sign! Only had to park once and we scored a free spot behind the Cricket!

In another week, all this will be gone -- from the sign on down -- and moved to the next city!

Taco Clutch or Keyboard Clutch?

Kitten flats or Panda flats?

bluetooth wireless retro keyboard: $400. I think I'll stick with the photo.
yes, we each have a small bag and nothing more! Good on us.  
my little purchase, a retro Pan Am DEN logo!

This morning's purple:

The start of the week brings me to finally tackling my refinishing project I've been wanting to do for a long time: Mammammy's dresser.

This beat up thing was in her bedroom for all of my life, and I'm guessing all of her married life as well. It's depression era, by its veneer, old casters, art deco touches, as well as the presence of jewelry and glove drawers. 

It's been moved and stored and used, most recently in Sam's room, and generally just banged around and chipped and faded. When we moved everything out for the flooring, it got stuck in the garage.

But it's been sitting in my front room for a week as I got up the nerve to actually paint it. 

From a distance, it doesn't look as rough.

But look closer

I really like the distressed turquoise look, so I ordered some chalk paint and decided Mamammy would approve, even if it didn't turn out perfectly.  

As I was removing the hardware, I kept looking for some hint that would help me pin down the age of the piece. There was a 2249 handwritten in pencil along a drawer, but based on all the other features, that was too late to be a date of manufacture.

the hardware is original

the undersides show some earlier types of additions to the machine work

and inside one drawer is this paper sticker, which matches the same logo of the United Furniture Company out of Lexington, North Carolina. 
But that's all I've got. Nothing online seems to match this piece.  

hardware removed

love the setting sun touch on the top

and the black inlays

So, here's what I'm attempting: 
This piece is finished, which means multiple coats and a shiny sealant and all its hardware in place. I'm not there yet.

Here's where I'm at after one round this morning. Still trying to decide how much I want to keep it distressed and how much I want to smooth out. I'm also considering painting in the setting sun in an orange before I seal it.

 and, of course, the obligatory cat photos of how much they care about my projects:


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