Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dog Day

Beautiful morning with extra dogs on the side!

Evan and I had just gotten out and up the block a-ways when we spotted a black lab sniffing around trash cans, all alone. He was a waggy fellow and came over as soon as I called to him, tail between his legs like he was in trouble. I looked around for someone who may have been nearby or an open garage and didn't spot anyone, so I coaxed him to turn around and walk back to the house with me and Evan. He was happy to oblige and I put them in the backyard and grabbed his collar off of him to access the phone number. 

No one picked up, but on the voicemail it said, "Jeff with Prestige Construction" and I thought, "I see a Prestige Construction truck on the curb right down the street from us all the time." I left my name and number on the voicemail with the message that I was pretty sure, thanks to the VM inclusion of Prestige, that I knew where they were. I poked my head out to verify, and also spotted their side gate wide open. Gotta be them.

Went to get Evan and new friend, who were now soaking wet and having a high old time chasing one another around the yard through the active sprinklers, leashed up both dogs (Katy's unused leash is always nearby) and as soon as we stepped out on the porch, I saw AJ (as in Jeff and AJ) standing out on her front driveway looking about. 

Other than getting her dog soaking wet before returning him, good deed complete!

And when I looked down at my phone, she had returned my call and left me a voicemail, but both of our phones, doubtless, were still in "Do Not Disturb" mode as it was before 7:00 a.m. and neither of us heard a sound. Good thing we're all in the habit of glancing down at our phones regardless of the time!

So we arrived at the dog park a bit later than usual, and that meant the two Goldens who regularly come near the end of our time were already there and happy to greet Evan. Even better, Patrick arrived shortly thereafter, owner of two GREAT danes, Claude and Sapphire, who come by regularly, as well. These babies are so big, Evan can run underneath them without ducking. 

Evan, who fancies himself the host of the dog park, always greets all newcomers at the door, as if to say, "Welcome to my kingdom!" He was a happy, if still rather soaking wet puppy this morning. 

On our way out, here comes another stray dog along the path!

This one wasn't getting duped into coming close enough to grab his collar, so I took a photo of him thinking I could at least post him to the Facebook neighborhood page with a lead on anyone looking for him. He'd trotted over the hill behind us when I saw a woman walking down the other end of the trail, scanning the open space, holding a retractable leash . . . with no dog. It was probably a stupid question, but I led off with, "Are you missing your dog?"

"Yes!" (Duh.)

"He's straight up that way over the next hill!" Hopefully she caught up to him, but at least we could point her in the right direction. 

Some days, it just rains dogs!


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