Monday, August 8, 2016

Weird way to start a Monday

can you see my cloud elephant chomping up the horizon line?

Things turned purple by the time we were at the dog park.

Odd way to start the morning. Just to the right of the photo above, lay two people in sleeping bags, next to a blue shopping cart on this scraggly, prickly open space hill. Now, mind you, not 20 yards away is this huge parkway of really soft, well-tended grass and some trees that could offer cover. While I walked the track at the park and Evan ran around, it was interesting to watch the other morning walkers and joggers do a double take at the sleeping, seemingly homeless couple. Just not a sight this sleepy bedroom community sees!

Juno and his owner arrived and Evan and Juno were off an running. In the meantime, an older white-headed man I'd never seen walks by with his dog, comes in for all of one minute, and I hear him curse loud enough to wake the sleeping bag people, grab his dog, yell "control your dog!" at Juno's owner and shoot him a really dirty look. Juno's owner yelled back, "Don't look at me that way. It's a dog park!" I didn't see anything out of the ordinary for dog behavior at all. Just weird all around. Especially at 6:00 in the morning!

We took a different route home, mainly because I didn't feel like crossing paths with the disgruntled man who was circling around (after Juno left) to come back in. Found some lovely sunflowers and a climbing vine in bloom.


My much anticipated "rugs" arrived Saturday, after some confusion. Saturday morning, I decided to check in on their tracking only to be shocked to see it was marked as delivered on Thursday. Wha?? No they were not! I send an email query into Amazon and went about the day. Mind you, I'm expecting rolled up 4 foot tall boxes for these 4'x6' rugs.

Instead, on Saturday afternoon, they were left in the larger package delivery mailbox, just one lump of a bag with two "rugs" inside. This is not what I consider a rug. There's no backing and you'd slip all over the place on them. They're more like exceptionally heavy throws. About the time I was getting these out of the package, I get an email from Brittany saying she is happy to either refund my money for the non-delivery, or send another set out to me. So I reply that despite the Thursday delivery note, they had in fact arrived just now and I would need to send them back, as they would not work for the purpose I had envisioned. 

Within the hour, she had refunded my money and sent me an email saying not to bother with the hassle of returning them! I was free to keep them or donate them, etc. Nice! And on Saturday, no less!

But that did leave me with these cool looking not-really-rugs that are quite large and FREE. As it turned out, my favorite of the two looked really cool draped over the back of the couch, instead.

The other didn't fit as well on the loveseat, so I turned it vertically and folded it in half so it wouldn't hit the floor at the back. It's got a nice texture the photos don't pick up, and I can't decide if I should leave it with the gray meeting the yellow or flip it so it's all yellow with the lines. 


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