Thursday, September 1, 2011

9-1-11 Is it Friday Yet?

Man, this has been the longest week.

Just got off the phone with Courtney and she's planning to visit in a couple of weekends! I really needed that after a day like today. This is the third day in a row that I'm logging about 12 hours of work and I'm still feeling like I'm behind.

We're going to the zoo with Sammi on Sat. Nick is coming home after the football game at UNC on Sat. I have Monday off, which is Sammi's 16th birthday.

4:45 again. Doing better -- getting in the alternating walk/jog mile faster and with less gasping. Soreness continues, but in a good way. I climbed onto the pull-up machine Tuesday and am still feeling it. This morning I'd measured out my 200 calories of oatmeal (do you really want a picture of mush?), started to eat, and then Sammi burned the snot out of her finger, which swole up into a blister in seconds, and I was doing surgery on the aloe vera plant and wrapping her finger and telling her to let her friend know I'd get her to school (she usually rides with someone) and . . .  30 minutes later after getting home from the school traffic, I look at the cold half-full bowl of mush and think, welp, 100 calories it is.

Dive into work, and by 11:00 I am really hungry and CRANKY. Logged 500 calories at lunch with a modified nacho plate and had a Dove chocolate afterwards . . . because I was still cranky.

Work, work, work, work . . . . eyes burning, take out the contacts, have a full-on allergy attack of something in the air where I'm blinded by whatever it is, eyes pouring. Work, work, work, work. Stop when I can't see again. For dinner: shrimp gumbo, 400 calories. Still short on calories, so a bowl of berries after that. Talked to Courtney, blogging now, and will be crashing shortly. The shortness of my sentences is indicative of the pile of mush that my brain has become. 


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