Friday, September 2, 2011

9-2-11 Surviving Friday

Made it to Friday!

And I now have travel arrangements set for my quick trip to California on the 21st through the 23rd, which include a two hour layover in Phoenix -- absolute awesomeness because Vicki is meeting me there for a late lunch. Ok, so there won't be a Los Dos in the airport, but Chili's will do. I miss my friend.

Looks like my flight into Ontario, CA puts me 5.7 miles from my hotel, which is 1.2 miles from the training center. No sitting in LA traffic -- woo-hoo!! I get to be on the San Bernadino for exactly 2.3 miles and, from what I've read, that'll be more than enough.

Add to that having Courtney's forwarded flight confirmation in my inbox for her visit the 15th through the 20th and September just got a lot more fun!

It's funny, dragging my carcass to the end of the week, and this evening I am listening to the cool front breezes, the roll of the thunder, and thinking back on these two ladies who I don't get to see anymore and I feel invigorated and blessed.

I remember meeting Courtney at the end of a presentation I had given to our English faculty at the start of the fall semester in 2004. That summer of 2004 was, looking back now, a chrysalis summer. It was the summer Mom, Dad, Nick, Sammi, and I spent a week in that amazing rental place in Santa Fe just down the street from the Plaza.

It was the same summer I went to NYC for the first time. And I went complete alone, knowing no one. I found training opportunity and just went for it. I arrived after multiple flight delays near midnight without any travel arrangements to get to a hotel another town over, showed up in a room full of strangers, none of whom had come from more than a state away, traveled into the city by train, went to the top of the Empire State building, stood in the middle of Times Square and thought, "when did I grow up?" Astoundingly, I have no pictures from this trip. Not one.

So that start of the semester, when I presented my trip to the rest of the faculty, I was beginning to feel . . .  more . . . me? (but who was I before, then?) and sitting right up at the front was a woman I'd never seen before. She had that great "listening with rapt attention" thing going for her. By the end of the semester Courtney and I were on our way to a spectacular friendship. Within a couple of years, she was living in Brenham and we were plotting our own presentation in NYC, which happened only months before I left for Colorado. . . . which made me go back and pull out those pictures this evening and I think that is going to deserve its own blog post soon.


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