Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9-13-11 The Fur Family Picture

I was outside trying to get a few pictures of the Harvest Moon in between all our clouds this morning. When I  stepped back inside, I realized that all three cats were close enough to photograph together. Knowing this might indicate hell freezing over, I snapped it. Note Katy under the table. As soon as I took it, I realized I was still set for a very bright moon outdoors and didn't get enough light inside.

So in the second it took me to set the flash, Katy moves in on Fisher, Faith turns to lick herself . . .  and Bruiser doesn't move.

Then Evan moves over and I get the dogs into Sit and Stay long enough to capture all five of them together, even though Faith is now peeking down at the dogs, and Fisher and disappearing under the table. Look! Bruiser moved his head!

 Guys, just look at the camera and stop moving, k?

Sigh, this was the best one I got. I'm reminded of the Cloud commercial where the mom is superimposing heads from different shots to get the perfect family picture. No one would buy the lie of perfection around here, anyway. What you see is what you get. Not composed, but always full of life.


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