Sunday, September 4, 2011

9-4-11 Sammi's pre-birthday

Apart from fighting this recurring infection, it's been a really nice 24 hours around here.

Last night we debuted the double stacked cookie cake (with icing between the layers) and sang our happy birthday song for the candles.

Nick got home shortly before, so he's on hand for the next two days to try and help eat this thing up.

And not a bad sunset.

Jessie was able to spend part of Sunday with us and we managed to hit up Hallmark for the annual ornament selections. For dinner, Red Robin.

And then? On the last day Sammi is 15, she got behind the wheel for the first time. If the guide is to be ten inches away from the airbag, we may need to look into pedal extenders, but it's close. I think she ran the seat up closer than she needed because she's not used to the feel of the car. And is it 10 inches from the center where the airbag would be? Or ten inches from the bottom of the wheel?

Anyway, like her brother before her, she was terribly nervous until she actually started to drive and then she didn't want to stop.

And whomever sits behind her is going to have all kinds of legroom!

Tomorrow Mom and Dad are visiting for a mountain/creek picnic and for dinner we are getting Little Holly's per Sammi's request. And more cookie cake.


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