Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9-6-11 Katy and Faith

I'm hurting tonight. Trip to the doc ended up less clear cut than I'd have preferred. Got a new antibiotic, but the culture wasn't showing a significant growth of any bacteria. Chances are, the scar tissue is harboring enough to cause symptoms, what is generally known as urethral syndrome. This is accompanied by that dull pain in the left hip I had been without for a couple of months now. Add to that the quick change in the weather from the couple of cold fronts that have swept through and I'm feeling like I need a cane tonight. The worst part is how draining it is. I'm wiped out by 6:00 every night, although I hit the gym at 5:00 again this morning, despite feeling like crap. That made me feel a little less like crap, at least until the pain started back up . . .


In happier news, this week is not only Sammi's birthday but also Katy and Faith's adoption birthdays, too.

Katy came to us the same week as 9/11, for Samantha's 6th birthday in 2001. This is her 10th year with us.

When we adopted her they said she was full grown and probably mixed with another breed. Turns out, if she's mixed with anything its the border collie cousin, the Australian Shepherd.

From 2001 to 2007, she filled out a bit, but was still black as night and pretty thin.

But within a few years, she started to gray around her muzzle and her coat started to take on the thickness of the Aussie Shepherds do in later life. 

But pull that tennis ball out or let Evan off the leash to run, and she won't remember until later why we lovingly refer to her now as our old lady of the house.

And in 2006, 5 years ago now, we brought Faith into the fold. She was 5 at the time, so both she and Katy are 10 years old together.

These picture were taken before she shed the Cat House pudge she'd gained at the Cat Lady's place. 

And now, in her petite shape, people still ask if she's a kitten. 

Mainly, though, she just wants to know when we will stop letting other animals come to live with us.


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