Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2-12-13 A Fat Tuesday Post

I'm not sure why this piece frustrates me so deeply, but if I had to narrow it down (see what I did there?) I guess it's mainly because this is just one drop in the bucket of ridiculous expectations of women. 

Just had a baby? Surgery? Those are just excuses for your weight. Because she can sit there (and at this point I want so mightily to make a snarky comment about this commentator's appearance but I am trying to practice what I preach) and judge these women knowing absolutely nothing about them.

And because, as everyone knows, shaming and publicly humiliating people about what they look like is just because we're so concerned for their health.


Two happy, confident, beautiful women who are immensely talented win Grammy awards and we have an entire segment on the fact they they aren't rail thin and therefore must be unhealthy?

And BMI? Really? Nick is classified as obese because of his BMI. 

Happy fat Tuesday to everyone.  . . . except maybe Fox News.


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