Friday, February 8, 2013

2/8/13 The Penguin Walk

a favorite from this morning (more through the Instagram link above left)

We had a round of snow this week that caused me to break out the penguin walk in more than one icy spot along the trails.

If you don't know, handy tip: on slippery surfaces, walk like a penguin

1. Keep your feet slightly toes-out and walk flat footed
2. Lean left when you are on your left leg and visa versa (waddle) 
The weight distribution helps the slippity sliding
3. Keep your knees loose
4. Extend your arms like a penguin instead of stuck in your pockets

Helpful graphic

Hilarious photos of friends trying to walk like penguins are always fun, but so much better than breaking a leg and having to call someone to come rescue you, assuming you haven't knocked yourself unconscious in the fall.

And... more snow in the forecast tomorrow!


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