Sunday, February 3, 2013

2-3-13 The Conquered Closet

 This is the After. There was no way in heck I was taking a Before. Suffice to say, you rolled open the right side and things popped out at you, shoes, sweaters falling off the shelf, shirts so squashed together the hangers were harder to untangle than monkeys in a barrel. You didn't roll the left side open at all. There was too much thrown in there to even begin to try.

So, two big garbage bags filled and marked for Goodwill, one large garbage sack of trash, and two big storage containers filled with winter clothes that I won't wear between now and warmer weather later, and we're in business. Everything came out, and what went back was sorted in a way it will never hope to be again, at least until the next major closet overhaul.

I clearly have a thing for plaid flannel. I must be making up for missing the 90s grunge movement. I got rid of half a dozen of them and still ended up with more than a dozen to fill the top right half. The other half at the top is all jackets. We use those a lot around here. 

On the right, all bags sorted and hung off the floor, and everyone of those hangers had clothes on it when I started. On the top, more jackets, exactly four dresses, and a small collection of clothes I just can't seem to part with from the professional days. When will I actually wear a suit jacket again? Still couldn't send them away.


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