Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2/12/13 King Cake and Coyotes

Homemade King Cake from NoNo's (shared). No baby Jesus luck this year. 
We'll make our own.

NoNo's is owned by Louisianians who've transplanted to Colorado but brought all their recipes (and, more importantly, their grandmothers' recipes) with them. The place is filled with Cajun decor, but my favorite is the Fisher Price Record player, between the Beignet mixes and Orleans signs.

The Jazz band was just tuning up as we were heading out the door.

And, as King Cake penance, Evan and I set out in the dark after we got home and Sam and Bob went to crash on their respective couches. Not long into our walk, Evan and I came very, very close to the larger of the two coyotes whom we see frequently. I typically spot one of them loping across the fields, in the distance, sometimes a bit closer, but always high-tailing it away from us. Tonight, right on the edge of the street and the open space, Evan caught wind of him in the dark. It took my eyes adjusting to recognize the silhouette and the clearly still pose he was taking, facing us. Evan's back was raised and his tail was not wagging. We did not stick around to commune with the wildlife. If my dog is not happy, we're getting out of there fast. I have a feeling the coyote's mate was nearby, perhaps with their babies, which would explain the high alert posture without retreating. He kept looking over into the field behind him. It was definitely an adrenaline rush to be walking in the dark and looking over my shoulder making certain we weren't being followed. I think I may have burned off a good number of those King Cake calories in a cold sweat.


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