Saturday, February 9, 2013

2-9-13 Saturday

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Faith got to stay cuddled up under the covers. We bundled up and hit the trails.

And after coffee and a muffin, we headed out for the Saturday chores. 

Stop #1 was an oil change. While waiting, we hit up Michael's and picked up a birthday present for Sam to give to her friend tonight at her party. When we got back, the tech told us he'd had to jump the car to get it into the drive, and again to get it out. That was weird. Since Dad jumped my battery six weeks ago, it's started up every single time. Every morning, taking Sam to school, every day at lunch and back, without fail.

And sure enough, it wouldn't start again when we tried it. He jumped us again (with a very handy battery pack requiring no other vehicle) and it occurred to me this is exactly where the battery needed to finally fail. Any other time, there would have been no one home to jump it, and no way to get another car in the garage even there was another car at home to help out. No one had to be late to school or miss lunch. 

We drove it over to Sam's, which was out next stop anyway, and had them put a new battery in while we were shopping.  Sometimes everything falls into place, even if you can't stay curled up in bed.

The snow started up this afternoon, but nothing terrible, so, after 40 days of staying at 1000 calories and exercising twice a day, every day (and down 15 pounds) it was splurge time.


Chili Rellenos in green chilies and salsa verde and some seriously hot red salsa on top. I could only eat half of it, and I'm sure the cheese killed the total calories for the day. But totally worth it. It'll be another 40 before this kind of splurge, but this should carry me for a good, long while.

On the way back, we hit up the Goodwill and, for the first time, I found a diner mug -- a real, bonafide, heavy, thick diner mug! Tony's has been around almost as long as me. And they know how to make coffee mugs. Oh, yeah, and a black cashmere sweater. :)

The mask, however, stayed there.


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