Sunday, February 17, 2013

2-16-13 Mueller State Park hike

(but first, a quick drive through the Garden on a glorious Saturday morning.)

We hit the Peak View and Elk Meadow trail loop around noon, and went from wearing many layers to very few pretty quickly. We strapped on the snowshoes shortly down the trail, although it was just on that bubble where in the shady spots, you were really glad to have them, and the most sunny spots, you were crunching along in giant shoes wondering how much your glutes were going to pay you back for it the next day. We gave up on them about 2 miles in and just carried them after that.

It was just over three miles, with inclines that totaled, according to the fitbit, 45 flights of stairs. Up and up and up, I kept huffing and puffing and wondering if my science education was wrong, maybe what went up, didn't actually ever come down...

Great hike!

(spot  the moon?)

this one was taken from one of my head between my knees moments trying to slow my heart rate. Deana laughed at me when she realized while I was doing that I was also taking pictures.

guessing lightening hit this aspen to split it so well from about 6 feet up


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