Friday, March 1, 2013

3-1-13 Donna's Day

Donna's mama published a series of blogs in September 2011, one blog on each of the 31 days of the month chronicling a month of Donna's cancer fight. 
It will rip your heart out. 
You should read it.

Donna's Good Things grew out of her passing and increased exponentially since the blog series. And, according to Donna's Good Things, today is Donna Day -- because so many Donna's need a cure. St. Baldricks actually uses the money they raise to go to real research, not things slapped with a ribbon for "awareness". 

See more of Donna here.

You can donate to St. Baldrick's under Donna's name here.

Donna, you are an amazing little girl who continues to inspire the world with hope, and love, and light, and all good things. 

Updated to add a video made by her Dad and shared this afternoon:

Donna's Joy Montage from Jeremy Hornik on Vimeo.


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